How to Apply for a Job and Get One

Unveil step­-after-­step, the secrets of an effective job application

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About the Course

The course is designed to last between 4 - 5 hours but you can learn at your own pace. It contains downloadable materials including pictures and a job search template that are available at no cost to you. The course covers topics ranging from understanding job search, mock interviews, and interview etiquettes to post interview best practices.

This course has been designed for four categories of people:

  • Fresh graduates and those who are seeking their first employment
  • Those who are seeking to change jobs
  • Those who are seeking to explore an alternative career path
  • Those who lost their jobs and are seeking new opportunities


At the end of this course, participants are expected to have:

  • Better understanding and the purpose of job search
  • Identified the most important elements of job search process
  • Built strategies around the identified elements of job search process
  • Identified specific career path
  • Identified the most important element of job search
  • Better understanding of job search as value exchange
  • Excellent understanding of the tools to communicate their set values
  • Excellent understanding of the conventional and unconventional techniques of job search
  • Better knowledge of different ways to apply for jobs and how to pass pre-employment tests

The Curriculum
Module Breakdown
1   Introduction 02:07
2   Lesson 1: What Employers Look for in Applicants 05:22
3   Lesson 2: 5 Foolproof Job Search Tools 07:58
4   Lesson 3: Job Application Techniques - A Must Know 09:55
5   Lesson 4: How to Pass Pre-Employment Tests 05:35
6   Course Recap: What We've Discussed So Far 01:53
7   Test
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